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The European Union is based on a set of principles that include equality. Though gender equality was enshrined in the founding treaties of the European Economic Communities in 1957, gender equality de facto is far from being achieved. Women in general are still being discriminated against in an EU context. There are numerous groups of women who are...



Pozitivní reprezentací proti segregaci.

The 1st edition of the School proved to be successful, it attracted more interest among young people in the V4 countries than had been originally foreseen. It offered young people (including 3 young men) from the region the opportunity to exchange skills and knowledge and to strengthen feminist networks in the region. The content of the School was...

Projekt si klade za cíl prosadit genderovou rovnost jako součást výchovy k demokratické kultuře a rovnosti všech lidí. Systémovou změnou bude prosazení genderové rovnosti jako součást vzdělávacího kurikula, a to prostřednictvím partnerství subjektů veřejné správy a
neziskových organizací. V rámci projektu vznikne odborná vzdělávací platforma, která...

The project Fair Play at Schools focuses on gender sensitive education at schools in Norway, Estonia and the Czech Republic. The project partners KUN, EWAR and GIC NORA have previously worked with gender equality and comparative international projects and have come together for a European project now.