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The aim of our project is to motivate young Roma girls in trying to find a fitting and enjoyable position in the labour market.

The aim of the project is to promote gender equality as a part of the teaching towards democratic culture and equality of all people. The systematic change will be the procurement of gender equality as a component of educational curriculum, which will be achieved by the partnership of public administration and NGOs. Within this project the...

The Europe 2020 strategy commits EU Member States to lifting at least 20 milion people out of poverty and social exclusion. This target is now likely to be missed due to the fact that since the crisis the share of people at risk of social exclusion has increased. To tackle the worsening situation, the EU Youth Strategy 2010-2018 was developed...

Nora and her history

I am a heroine from Henrik Ibsen's novel ('A Doll's House') from 1879 . In that time, the social status of the woman was clear, I was only a wife and mother. But I felt like I had the right to be independent, so I decided to upset conventions to find out who I wanted to be.

Now, in the 21st century, I have far more options as a woman, but there are still many barriers. There are also still challenges for men, so I do not forget to include them in my activities and projects.