Nonviolent communication as the key to family stability

The main goal of the project is to support the stability of the family environment as well as non-violent communication between partners and children.

Our project responds to the high divorce rate, where every second marriage in the Czech Republic breaks up. A frequent cause is precisely the inability to communicate between partners and the reluctance to solve the problems together. For that reason, the support of communication competences is crucial.

  • The project also emphasizes active parenting and effective communication, which is key in managing stressful situations that may arise in family life.
  • The great potential of the project also lies in the sharing of good practice during the workshops. We envision a 'Communication Cookbook' as a material and practical result of good practice, verified during the workshops, which will serve the participants of the course and all other people showing an interest in the topic of successful family communication.
The Nonviolent Communication project was supported by the South Moravian Region as a key to family stability.

Communication cookbook: How do you react when you are angry with someone?