LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Education

Streets Aligned is a short form of full name of the two-year long transnational project called "Supporting educators towards a LGBTIQ+ Inclusive Education", in which Nora is involved since Febriary 2022.


Homotransphobia, bullying and intolerance are problems of people identifying as LGBTIQ+, that permeate their daily lives, as do misunderstanding and the removal of otherness, especially in the educational field.

However, these issues can be addressed through new pacts and coalitions, sharing a new vision of education and producing concrete implementations with the educator-learner relationship at the centre.


Streets Aligned aims to achieve concrete results and objectives, modelling upskilling units, original toolkits, policy recommendations and pilot courses that integrate formal, non-formal and informal activities, useful for guiding educators, teachers, trainers and youth workers in the vast world of LGBTIQ + Inclusive Education, suggesting practices and strategies to integrate these issues into their daily care and teaching work.

In addition to sexuality and gender identity, the topics addressed by the project also include the area of emotional sensitivity, relations or embodiment.


Na mezinárodním projektu spolupracují tři neziskové organizace:

Gender information centre Nora (Brno, Czech Republic)

IDRISI Cultura e Sviluppo (Palermo, Italy):

Arista Deka (Nicosia, Cyprus):

And one secondary school:

I.I.S.S. Pio La Torre (Palermo, Italy):