Central European Feminist School - 2nd edition

Based on the 1st edition of the School we plan to make some innovations. First of all, we plan to organise a side event in Cracow where we will host a public panel discussion with important female leaders from the movements fighting for freedom in the V4 countries in the 1980s. The possibility to exchange and discuss with leading female figures from the V4 region will bring inspiration for young women and may lead to their empowerment.

Call for participants in the Central European Feminist School Vol. 2

Overarching topic is "Resilience and Solidarity"

Where: Poland, Krakow

When: From 2nd to 6th August 2021
FB: Central European Feminist School

->->->The call is extended until 16.7. only for Slovakia and Poland.

Do you live in one of the Visegrad countries (Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary or Poland)? Are you interested in participating in the Central European Feminist School / or in contributing to the programme of the Central European Feminist School?

Send us a motivation letter or a motivation video that includes the following information:

- Your name and surname, country, your educational and professional background;
- What experience of feminist activism do you have, if any;
- Why are you interested in participating?

- How many "relaxing/meditating/recreational" activities would you appreciate in the school's program?

We are expecting your reply by June 30, 2021 at the email address: eva.lukesova@gendernora.cz.

The participation in the event is free of charge for eight feminists between 18 years and 30 years of age from each of the four Visegrad countries. The summer school is inclusive and focused on values of tolerance, acceptation and non-violence. If you are an intersectional feminist of any gender, who lives by these values, we are happy to accept your application. Accommodation and board are covered and travel costs to the venue will be reimbursed.

The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.

The 1st edition of the School proved to be successful, it attracted more interest among young people in the V4 countries than had been originally foreseen. It offered young people (including 3 young men) from the region the opportunity to exchange skills and knowledge and to strengthen feminist networks in the region. The content of the School was firmly rooted in the V4 region and it tackled issues that are characteristic of this region. The importance of the School was highlighted by a presence of a representative of the European Women´s Lobby.

Second, we plan to focus more on an intergenerational dialogue. We envision to involve several participants of the 1st edition already in the preparatory phase of the 2nd edition. 5 alumni will take part in the preparatory meeting in Brno. In contrast to the pilot, senior experts from partner organisations will participate at the School for all its duration to enable an everyday exchange of ideas and experiences among young activists and more senior ones. Without inter-generational exchanges the women's rights movement is not able to replenish its agenda and organise for change.

What did the first-year alumni say about the school?


We are preparing the programme, but we can already tell you that there will be the following themes/areas:

  1. Workshop on sensitizing to how the media portray societal problems
  2. Creative workshop - stitching techniques, guerrilla campaign
  3. Feminist strikes and the resilience
  4. Women, speak up!
  5. Competence mapping workshop
  6. Make-up workshop - self-realization
  7. Solidarity and Fine art
  8. How to raise the visibility of women in the media
  9. Women´s representation in the cinematography
  10. Cinematic representation of traumas and taboos

You can look forward to:

  • 12 workshops,
  • 5 gender experts
  • 5 alumni from the first year of school
  • 32 feminist friends
  • 1 panel discussion
  • 5 important female leaders from the movements fighting for freedom in the V4 countries in the 1980s.

Genderové informační centrum NORA, o.p.s. www.gendernora.cz

Slovensko-český ženský fond www.womensfund.sk/sk

Hungarian Women's Lobby noierdek.hu

Women's Foundation eFKa https://efka.org.pl/

Project coordinator: Eva Lukešová