R*O*M*A* W*O*M*E*N


The aim of our project is to motivate young Roma girls in trying to find a fitting and enjoyable position in the labour market.

We are going to achieve this goal by using positive representation of successful working Roma women. We are going to present the young girls with a whole palette of possible occupations they could choose later on in their lives. We plan on motivating and inspiring both young Roma girls and boys by organizing workshops and living libraries in catchment secondary schools in Brno, presenting them with stories of inspiring people. At the same time we believe the act of sharing personal experiences of real people can help youngsters to overcome potential discrimination.

By distributing the calendars we will achieve a long-term awareness of successful Roma women and men and therefore uplift the community.

At the same time, we would like to achieve positive representation of women and also men who are oftentimes discriminated against on the basis of race, ethnicity, disability, and also women working in STEM fields. We will arrange the distribution of posters depicting at least 40 persons from above-mentioned discriminated minorities into public transport vehicles; by doing this we want to promote the inclusion of discriminated groups into the society. We are going to support a young Roma woman by involving her in creating photographs needed for the creation of calendars and posters. We will give her a quality DSLR camera and basic training as a reward for her work.

The sustainability and long-term impact of the project will be ensured by creating a Facebook page and by presenting information about the project on a subpage of the Nora website.