Fair play at Schools

The project Fair Play at Schools focuses on gender sensitive education at schools in Norway, Estonia and the Czech Republic. The project partners KUN, EWAR and GIC NORA have previously worked with gender equality and comparative international projects and have come together for a European project now.

Gender segregation in education and gendered labour market choices are present in all European countries, to different degrees and in somewhat different constellations. We believe that these differences are in part a result of socialization, and while all families are different, schools play a large part in young children's lives. The attitudes and possibilities the children are met with at schools will influence how they perceive themselves in society. Teachers' knowledge and awareness of gender roles and how these are presented to the pupils may have a large impact on the children's future. In working toward a more gender equal Europe we think it is essential to provide all children with equal

The partners will elaborate in common three intellectual outputs. Each output will target a different group of teachers and hence will tackle different aspects of gender in a school environment. First, a two module course in gender sensitive education will be prepared for kindergarten teachers. Second, another two module course will be elaborated for teachers of the first level of primary schools. Third, teachers of the second level of primary schools will be offered 10 webinars in the topic of gender sensitive education with a focus on career choice, gender based violence at schools and also selfreflexivity and critical thinking.
The deliverables will be widely disseminated, and can be used for raising awareness of gender and diversity and thus increasing competences of teachers throughout Europe.

The project runs from September 2019 to February 2022 and is financially supported from the Erasmus+ Programme.


The project kick-off meeting took place in Brno on October 10-11, 2019. Apart from discussing administrative issues project partners talked over a training event that is to take place in March 2020 in Norway.

Several practising teachers from kindergartens and primary schools from partner countries will be invited to the training event which will include study visits to school facilities in Norway.

The project partners also focused on the discussion of activities leading to the creation of a module course for kindergarten teachers in the field of gender sensitive education.