Central European Feminist School – 2nd edition

The 1st edition of the School proved to be successful, it attracted more interest among young people in the V4 countries than had been originally foreseen. It offered young people (including 3 young men) from the region the opportunity to exchange skills and knowledge and to strengthen feminist networks in the region. The content of the School was firmly rooted in the V4 region and it tackled issues that are characteristic of this region. The importance of the School was highlighted by a presence of a representative of the European Women´s Lobby. Based on the 1st edition of the School we plan to make some innovations. First of all, we plan to organise a side event in Cracow where we will host a public panel discussion with important female leaders from the movements fighting for freedom in the V4 countries in the 1980s. The possibility to exchange and discuss with leading female figures from the V4 region will bring inspiration for young women and may lead to their empowerment. Second, we plan to focus more on an intergenerational dialogue. We envision to involve several participants of the 1st edition already in the preparatory phase of the 2nd edition. 5 alumni will take part in the preparatory meeting in Brno. In contrast to the pilot, senior experts from partner organisations will participate at the School for all its duration to enable an everyday exchange of ideas and experiences among young activists and more senior ones. Without inter-generational exchanges the women's rights movement is not able to replenish its agenda and organise for change.

Genderové informační centrum NORA, o.p.s. www.gendernora.cz

Slovensko-český ženský fond www.womensfund.sk/sk

Hungarian Women's Lobby noierdek.hu

Women's Foundation eFKa https://efka.org.pl/

Project coordinator: Eva Lukešová