Camille - I was most interested in gender sensitive language


Which experience has enriched you the most and why?

When creating posts on social media, I first came across the concept of gender-sensitive language and experienced working with it. I was surprised that it wasn't always easy to use it, and I realized how natural it was to ignore this problem in everyday speech.

How did you benefit from the internship?

Thanks to an internship in Nora, I had a great opportunity to look into the functioning of a non-profit organization and get to know what working in this sector entails. I also gained an overview of variety of gender related topics. In addition, I had the opportunity to participate in the workshop "Fundamentals of Advocacy and Creating Advocacy Strategies," which I would not have been able to attend without Nora.

Which gender issue most intrigued you, and why?

It is the use of gender sensitive language in communication that has intrigued me most, and I consider it a skill that I will benefit from in the future. In the long term, I am also interested in the subject of women, the economy and unequal pay, which is unquestionably one of the main problems in the Czech Republic today.

Why would you recommend an internship with Nora?

An internship in Nora is a great start for a possible career in the non-profit sector. If you care about the topic of gender equality, this work is also very rewarding. Nora deals with a relatively wide range of issues, including, for example, marginalized groups, so there is room to focus on topics that interest you.