International Women's day  2015

There was a large range of events offered this year: there was something for lovers of popular and alternative music, theater, cabaret or lesbian poets.

This year's programme was deliberately aimed at the broadest possible range of women, so we created a programme that refers to queer activism and cultural activity aimed at mothers with children.

In the Cultural Center Líšeň - Dělňák, children enjoyed the fairy tale by Anica Ruzicka and Tonko Modřinka, who came from Banská Bystrica to play the famous puppet theater Na Rozcestí (At the Crossroads).

The preview of the exhibition featured a mosaic made up of photographs of women that were created in creative writing and photography sessions for women on parental leave, and concert by Bara and Léni, musicians from the well-known Yellow Sisters group, which now perform with

Among the various events, it was possible to participate in the accompanying programme - art workshops, exercises with the instructor Petra Sušická and others.

In Cabinet Muz we prepared a feminist cabaret by FEMFEM, which unobtrusively and with humour opened topics such as women in politics, sexual education, sexism in science and gender stereotypes in fairy tales.

The musical accompaniment was provided by the Kundinky Folkloric Choir and the well-known Brno alternative singer MUCHA, who will perform their band in the second part of the evening.

Like every year, theater performances will be preceded by the performance of the FaVU Design School students, led by famous Czech artist Lenka Klodová.

We are debating about sexism in the promotion of college and we have also been promising sexist advertising spots of some universities.

We debated at the Faculty of Social Studies, which is being prepared by the National Contact Center Women and Science in cooperation with the field of gender studies.

We would like to emphasize not only intergenerational dialogue and the topic of being a daughter, but also the fact that gender models and stereotypes are often inherited within the family and can be positively transformed for the generation of our daughters and sons, "adds Anna Dramaturgy Saavedra, one of the organizers of the event.