Competency Mapping

For a better position on the labour market

The course is well prepared to restart a career, both in terms of the transition from unemployment or economic inactivity to self- employment, in the sense of moving from one job position to another.

The course help you in:

- increase self-confidence and confidence in your own abilities

- to realize how your past experience shapes your competencies

- identify and present your current competencies

- define a career goal and the steps that lead to its realisation

- strengthen your position in the labour market

How long is the course

The course is 32 hours divided into 8 blocks.
Groups are made up of 6-8 participants.






After completing the course, you will receive a certificate.




"I liked it, how everything fitted together, at first there were just activities, but at a certain moment all of a sudden everything was connected, it was natural, playful, each task expanded and deepened knowledge from the previous one."

"The course was task-based and it was great, the course galvanized us with "how-to" lectures when the practical reality seemed far away"

"The activity of the River of Life impressed me a lot - I delved right into it, and realized how success fluctuates, rising up and going down - and suddenly I saw not just the alternation of joy and happiness with sadness and despair, but it has became linked to a sense of meaningfulness - a pretty strong experience."

"I had the feeling I had to share, even if I did not want to, but this is quite important when looking for a job."

"The new ideas and insights of others have changed my point of view from before I think, about how I perceive the world around me."

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