Our training activities are carried out mainly  in the form of lectures and interactive seminars. We can adjust them according to your requirements and needs. We can provide trainings in foreign languages as well.

  • Introduction into gender
    Explanation of the topic, gender roles, gender stereotypes, gender structure of the society, unequal division of resources and power, how we learn to be a woman/man, private and public sphere
  • Equal opportunities of women and men
    In education
    On labour market
    In media
    In politics
    Introduction into a concept of equal opportunities, history of the concept and its application in Czech environment, fields where equal opportunities are applied, focus on inequalities in selected areas and practical ways of applying equal opportunities of women and men, best practices
  • Work-life balance
    Explanation of the concept and its history, possibilities of work-life balance, institutions of pre-school care, flexible work regimes, best practices
  • Flexible work regimes /legal aspects
    Information on law no. 262/2006 Coll., Labour Code; different types of work contracts, work time, part time x full time, home office and its legal aspects
  • Equal treatment and discrimination/legal aspects
    What is discrimination; direct and indirect discrimination, discrimination reasons; anchoring equality between women and men in legal regulations; implementation of the EU law into the Czech legal set of rules in the field of equality of men and women; activities of the so-called Equality Body in the Czech Republic; legal protection – legal action to stop discrimination – basic requirements of a legal action and legal regulations that are to be taken into account.
  • Employing parents of small children
     Maternity (ML) and parental leave (PL); concurrence of employment and ML/PL; return to work after ML/PL; working conditions of parents looking after small children; termination of a work contract with a pregnant employee and with parents of small children
  • Management of diversity
     Diversity concerns everybody; how to work with diversity so it becomes an advantage and not a barrier to cooperation; what characteristics are the most significant in your team and how to handle them; prevention of discrimination; specification of the most frequent characteristics that companies deal with: gender, age, ethnical origin and health
  • Gender sensitive education
    We often hear that sex does not matter nowadays. If it is so, why one of the first questions that parents get in pregnancy is the one asking about sex of a baby? We ask because sex matters. We need to know sex in order to start communication with a child in the language that is adjusted to a grammatical gender. From an early age a child begins to create its gender identity and it is important for him/her to rank himself/herself as a boy/girl. Gender identity enables the child´s development but it can block it as well.  Parents and other people participating in education do not develop a wide range of characteristics and competences only because they believe that it is not suitable for a boy/girl. In the course of the seminar we reflect on the ways how we can help children to a comprehensive development without restricting their world by impenetrable gender barriers.
  • Mapping of competences and competence management
    The term competence is used widely in the school education system, adult education or work life. How can we find out what competences we have? How can we build on them in our lives?
    In the 1990s in Switzerland they looked into the ways of  transferring big numbers of women from their households to the labour market and to qualified and managerial positions without an adequate formal education. In consequence, they invented the so-called CH-Q methodology – mapping of competences that is widely used in recognition of nonformal learning.
    We acquaint you with the CH-Q methodology – mapping of competences. You will be able to test several activities yourself and take away material for further reflections on your own personal development.

If you would like to be trained in other topics connected with gender issues and equal opportunities of women and men, contact us.

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