Kateřina Hodická

Kateřina HodickáDirector

She studied international affairs at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University. She also graduated from the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University where she studied economics and English language and literature.

She began her professional career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a desk officer at the Department of Political Relations with the EU. Later on, she worked as a political assistant to the First Deputy Minister JUDr. Jan Winkler. During her tenure at the ministry she was engaged in the European Union agenda.

After leaving the public service she worked with several consulting companies and was involved in project management activities. From 2009 on, she has been cooperating with GIC NORA. In 2011 she became a director of the organisation. As a gender expert and gender auditor she has been participating in implementation of several European Social Fund supported projects. She provides trainings, consultations and gender expertise.

She masters the English language on an expert level. She speaks other European languages (French, German, Italian and Russian).

Kateřina Machovcová

Kateřina MachovcováSupervisor

She obtained a master´s degree in psychology (2005) and a doctorate in social psychology (2010) at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Masaryk University. Her dissertation was published by the Institute of Political Sciences of Masaryk University under the title Non Self-evident Perspectives. Gender Analysis in Psychotherapy and Psychological Consulting.

She acts as an independent lecturer and consultant. She focuses on topics such as gender equality, development of personal competencies and social psychology. At the same time she works as an editor and evaluator of projects, participates in implementation of qualitative research projects.

She has been cooperating with GIC NORA since its inception. She has been its board member since 2012. As a supervisor and lecturer, she has been participating in several ESF projects. She focuses mainly on areas of equal opportunities at work, programmes aimed at balancing work and family life and development of personal competencies for work-life balance.

She masters the English language on an expert level.

Martina Hynková (aktuálně na RD)

Martina HynkováSenior expert

She has been active in gender agenda since 2003. That year she took part in the seminar „Women rights are human rights“. She studied gender studies and sociology at the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University where she participated in several gender research projects. She works in social services and acts as a senior gender expert in GIC NORA.

She has been cooperating with GIC NORA since 2006. She has been participating as a consultant and auditor in several ESF projects. At the same time she devotes herself to trainings and gender analyses.

Areas of her interest include gendered transition from a school system to a labour market, gender relations in the period of socialism in Czechoslovakia, practical introduction of equal opportunities at work and feministic approach at social work.

Currently at maternity leave.

Michaela Mořická

Michaela MořickáHR consultant

She is a master degree student of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Masaryk University where she also graduated yet in Gender studies and Sociology. Currently, she continues the studies of Public Policy and Human Resources specializing in Personal Management.

Michaela has been cooperating with GIC NORA, o. p. s. since October 2012 especially in gender auditing, preparation of training materials, lecturing (especially in the area of gender in media, consumer behaviour, time management etc.) and participates in OP LZZ projects.

She is in charge of HR area in NORA.

Zuzana Andrašovová

Zuzana AndrašovováProject manager

She is a student of Social Anthropology and Gender Studies at The Faculty of Social Sciences in Brno. She participates in gender audits and public representation of Nora - e.g. projections of documents for public.

Zuzana publish her papers in the electronics version of the feminist magazine Femag (fame. cz). Her research area is directed to the topic of fatherhood that she would like to study in her bachelor thesis. She will focus on father's attitudes to joint custody after divorce.

Zuzana has been cooperating with GIC NORA since mid 2013.

Blanka Plasová (aktuálně na RD)

Blanka PlasováSociologist

She graduated from the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University in 2005 when she finished the master programme in social policy and social work.  In 2012 she finished the doctoral programme in the same field at the same faculty. In her dissertation  she devoted herself to attitudes and strategies of employers to work-life imbalance.

She is a senior lecturer at the Department of Social Policy and Social Work at the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University in Brno. She teaches selected topics in courses Family Policy; Introduction into Social Policy and Social Work; Gender, Market and Related Policies; Programmes of Social Development in Organisations; and Management and Development of Human Resources.

She undertakes research activities in projects related to themes of work-life balance/imbalance (national, international and organizational levels) in respect to childcare and elderly care, family policy, policy of labour market and childcare institutions.  

She has been cooperating in gender auditing with GIC NORA since 2013.

Currently at maternity leave.

Markéta Horáková Lazarová

Markéta Horáková LazarováWeb and social sites

She graduated from Gender Studies and Social Work at the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University in Brno.

She has been cooperating with GIC NORA since February 2014. She was a junior PR manager for two years. Nowadays she manages website and social sites of NORA.

Lukáš Slavík

Lukáš SlavíkSociologist

Silvie Najzarová

Silvie NajzarováJunior Consultant

Robin Stejskal

Robin StejskalProject manager

Eva Lukešová

Eva LukešováPR manager

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