On November 30, 2015 the project entitled „Let´s Find Together a New Way!“ was completed. The project was carried out by the Gender Information Centre NORA.  

About the project

Roma women are one of the most discriminated groups in the Czech labour market. The lack of opportunities for Roma women is related not only to their social status and ethnicity, but also to a traditional role of Roma women in the family. This role is associated with maternity and care. Such a perception of Roma women can be considered as one of the causes of a low share of Roma women in the labour market and low motivation of Roma women to succeed in the educational system.

The project aimed to increase awareness of gender topics in a concrete group of Roma women, to motivate these women towards the need of professional development and to support their entry in the labour market. At the same time the project aimed at sensitising the Czech public (both the general public and experts) to specific features of gender relations in the Roma population.

In the project we worked with the target group of 30 Roma women from Brno and the surroundings. They were offered training activities (see below) and coaching.


  • Basics of labour law  
  • Equal opportunities  
  • Time management
  • How to face discrimination on the basis of ethnicity?
  • Competence mapping



On November 4, 2015 the final project conference took place in the Museum of Roma Culture in Brno. 

You can watch the full recording of the conference here.

At the conference the documentary „Black Swans“ had its first night. The documentary was shot by the female director Zuzana Dubová.

You can watch whole documentary (version "director's cut") with english subtitles below. Original version played during conference in czech is here

ROMAN WOMEN: identity, role, position

GIC NORA published a research report on the position of Roma women in the Czech society. You can read it here.





PRESS RELEASE Project supporting Roma women has been launched (11.9.2014)

PRESS RELEASE Research on identity, roles and the position of Roma women (8.7.2015)

PRESS RELEASE Black Swans first night on 4.11.2015 in Brno (2.11.2015)

PRESS RELEASE Conference on (non)discrimination of Roma people in the Czech Republic on 4.11.2015 in Brno (29.10.2015)

Article about the project in the daily Rovnost (23.9.2014)

Article about the participation in the Romale festival in the magazine Respekt (26.10.2015)

Reportage from the conference „(NON)DISCRIMINATION OF ROMA PEOPLE IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC“ in the Czech radio station (7.11.2015)

Article about the conference „(NON)DISCRIMINATION OF ROMA PEOPLE IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC“ in the November issue of Romano hangos

WEB of the project Let´s find together a new way!

READ articles about the project activities


The project was supported by the Open Society Fund Prague on the program Let's Give (Wo)men a Chance, which is funded by the Norway Grants. Through the Norway Grants Norway contributes to reducing social and economic disparities and strengthening cooperation in Europe. It primarily supports environmental protection, research and scholarships, civil society development, health care, children, gender equality and improvement of justice. The program Let's Give (Wo)men a Chance promotes equal opportunities for women and men in professional and personal life, and prevention and assistance to victims of domestic violence in the Czech Republic. It is managed by the Open Society Fund Prague, which has been developing values of an open society and democracy in the Czech Republic since 1992.



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